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Test your level of sensitivity to justice

Every violent conflict between tribes or nations creates refugees. The U.N. makes tremendous efforts to help these refugees, so that they can live a normal life. Is this true?
06/09/2011 [Palestinian Refugees]  

The Big Mistake / Yoav Sorek

A Palestinian state is a bad thing, for Jews and for Arabs: Its very existence guar-antees that the conflict will continue forever. Listen to Mahmoud

03/10/2010 [The Middle East & The Israeli-Arab Conflict]  

Canada Redirects Aid From UNRWA

14/01/2010 [UNRWA]  

One Pakistan is Enough

Moshe Dann addresses the problems with a Palestinian State, mentioning the problems with UNRWA.

22/12/2009 [UNRWA]  

The Rights of Palestinian Refugees: What Role for the UNRWA?

An article from blaming UNRWA and Israel for the refugee problem.

16/12/2009 [UNRWA]  
  Global Research

UNRWA: Perpetuating the Misery

10/12/2009 [UNRWA]  
  Honest Reporting

Palestinian President to Visit Lebanon

In this article, the number of refugees is listed as 400,000 even though UNRWA and PA say it is closer to 250,000. The reason for the discrepancy is that UNRWA doesn't cross refugees...
03/12/2009 [UNRWA]  

Do The Arab States Really Care About the Palestinians?

25/11/2009 [UNRWA]  
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